Working from home has been the trend since the whirlwind we had to go through for the past 2 years. As a result, most companies have begun introducing what they call the “new normal.” As we hit the 1st year mark in the pandemic, companies have started calling working from home or having a remote setup the “future of work.” But is it the future of work for them?

Recently, news outlets have reported about the Great Resignation that happened last 2022, the number of individuals resigning from their jobs after most companies have started changing their policies from working from home to requiring their workforce to begin reporting to the office like the traditional work setup. 

But here at CodingChiefs, we follow what works for our employees.

Working from home is the work setup that we follow here at CodingChiefs. Actually, work from anywhere since many of us work in different countries, cities, travel destinations, and other places where we are comfortable delivering our work. 

We heavily foster work-life balance and don’t just say it over onboarding sessions; we breathe it here. That is why the company continues its campaign to have a remote and flexible work setup for everyone to manage their career and personal life better.

The company has seen the good side of what remote working is capable of and how much it would help our team members in their day-to-day. We have team members who have expressed how they love our current work setup, where they are not pressured to be in a small office cubicle and be checked there from 8-5. However, remote working can sometimes make you wonder what your colleagues look like or make you think about how cool it is meeting them in person. Our physical office is in Clark Pampanga’s business center where employees can meet their colleagues or, in case they want an office vibe for a day. We have several admin staff who accommodate employees who visit and ensure they are given the needed space and resources during their stay.

Our team members have heavily expressed how our remote and flexible work setup was a game changer. Not only did they have more time with their families now, but they also got a chance to reduce their expenditures for daily travel/gas expenses.

Working from home is indeed the future, and many employees have screamed about how they love this setup and how it uplifts their lives. But here at CodingChiefs, we no longer wait for the future; we’re already practicing the future. 

Sounds exciting?

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