International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made toward gender equality and to recognize the work that still needs to be done. In particular, the issue of gender equality in the workplace has been a longstanding challenge for women around the world. Despite many strides in recent years, women still face numerous barriers to advancement and recognition in many industries.

To shed light on this important issue, we spoke with our Talent Acquisition Manager, Jessa Mariel dela Peña, about her experience as a woman in the workplace. In this blog post, Jessa reflects on her own experiences and the challenges she has faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and shares her thoughts on what companies and individuals can do to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all. Join us as we explore this critical topic and celebrate the achievements of women like Jessa who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations.

When asked if she had faced any barriers in her career due to being a woman and how she overcame them, Jessa shared her story:

“As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid any explicit challenges or discrimination from my colleagues. However, I recognize that my gender may still be a subconscious factor in how I am perceived and treated in the workplace. I firmly believe that my gender should not impact how people evaluate my abilities or potential, and I do not want to be given special treatment because of it. Instead, I want to be judged solely on my merits and work ethic.

Throughout my 11-year career in the staffing and recruitment industry, I’ve received tremendous support and opportunities. Nevertheless, I’m aware that unconscious gender biases can affect women’s chances of advancement, recognition, and sense of belonging in the workplace. While I strive to overcome these biases, I understand that change takes time. I can’t control people’s opinions, but I won’t allow these biases to impede my progress. As Steve Martin once said, ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’ My focus remains on delivering high-quality results that speak for itself. By consistently delivering results, I demonstrate my value and worth to the organization. I also seek to improve my skills and address any weaknesses, as this helps me build confidence in myself and my abilities.

Additionally, I believe in speaking up for myself and advocating for my needs. If I encounter something that seems unfair or inequitable, I seek to understand the situation and find a solution. I am fortunate to have worked with leaders who create safe spaces for open communication and dialogue, and I strive to foster this same environment in my own workplace.

Overall, while I am grateful for the opportunities and support I have received, I recognize that gender bias still exists in the workplace. By focusing on delivering quality work, advocating for myself, and fostering open communication and inclusivity, I hope to help create a more equitable and supportive environment for all.”

Jessa’s inspiring story is a testament to the unlimited potential of embracing gender equality. She pushed through all challenges with optimism and reaped great rewards by investing in hard work, self-improvement, and determination. Her success speaks volumes about what can be achieved if we create workplaces that foster inclusion for everyone – no matter their background or identity.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the progress that has been made toward gender equality, we must also recognize that there is still much work to be done. Companies and individuals must continue to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their hiring practices, policies, and workplace cultures. By actively addressing gender biases and creating opportunities for all, we can build a more just and equitable society where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

We are grateful to Jessa for sharing her story and insights with us and for being a role model and inspiration for women everywhere. As we continue to work towards a more equal and just world, we must remember that every individual has the power to make a difference and to create positive change. Let us all commit to doing our part to build a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.